Kαλό Mήνα – October 2020

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Kαλό Mήνα! October 2020

Dear HCCY members, HAY parents, and friends, please see the below information:

I hope you and your families continue to stay healthy and the beginning of your School year has been going well.

As mentioned in my previous note, our permit for Pleasantville Public School has not been renewed, this is the case for all community rentals. The permit still remains on hold. The last couple of months; myself, our Principal and our Board of Directors have been working hard to find a space that could accommodate our program, welcome our families and ensure safety with proper social distancing measures. At this time, we have not confirmed our location.

It is important we begin our program. Therefore, Saturday October 17th, the Hellenic Academy of York will begin the school year online.  I know for most, this is not what you would like to hear, but we want to ensure that our space is the right one for our families and our program. We will commence online and will shift to in person when our new location is confirmed. I do hope you will continue with your plan, and enroll your child.


Start Date:       Saturday October 17, 2020
Start Time:       9:30am
Fee:                  $350 per student plus $75 membership per family.

Program Breakdown:

The platform we will be using is Google Classroom. The program will be 3 hours long including Synchronous (live instruction) and Asynchronous (non-live instruction). Workbooks will be available for pick up from multiple locations.

Students in JK – Grade 3
1 hour of synchronous learning (live)
1.5 hour of asynchronous learning, including teachers being online available to support students
30 minutes of Music and Dance (asynchronous)

Students in Grade 4 – Grade 8
1.5 hours of synchronous learning (live)
1 hour of asynchronous learning, including teachers being online available to support students
30 minutes of Music and Dance (asynchronous)

***Before starting on October 17th, teachers will reach out to families with more information***

***Any family who has already enrolled and has paid the registration fee in full will be refunded partial payment***

I know our teachers are all very excited to see our students, even if it needs to be through a screen to begin with.
We look forward to starting another great year with you all!

Wishing you and your families a very happy and blessed Thanksgiving in the coming week. As always, your comments and feedback are welcome and appreciated. Please take good care,
With gratitude, 

Helen A. Barbalias, MA
President, HCCY & HAY



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